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Company Profile

King-Ji Design Co., Ltd. is a transparent trader, providing highly competitive, faster and professional services. It facilitates a smooth flow of goods from the producers to the customers, giving value to all.

We meet business challenges innovatively and pride in our ears on the ground thus responding proactively to our customers' problems in current volatile markets. Our passion is to team up with our customers to search for solutions. Combining market knowledge with financial resources, we deliver flexible options for the entire gamut.

King-Ji Design Co., Ltd. designs and develops of products and also has its own factory, which improves our competitiveness. We adhere to high quality products and fast communication to achieve maximum economic benefits and to generate a high standard of commitment to our customers. We treat our clients, suppliers and employees with honesty and respect, provide a quality working environment with advanced technology that enhances all employees quality of life and offer an unsurpassed level of service at the most competitive rates.